woensdag 23 oktober 2013

Sorry for the long absence!

Hi All!

It has been a really long time since I last posted on my blog, and let me try to explain what was going on in my life.
Last year I got married with the love of my life, and we decided we would love to extend our family with a baby. On May 21st of this year I found out I was pregnant, and I was super excited.

That excitement didn't last really long, because I got the well known morning sickness. At first it wasn't that bad, and I thought it would pass after 12 weeks. When I passed the 11 weeks pregnant, I was so nauseous I couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing up. As a result I got completely dehydrated and I was taken into hospital.

I got an iv with fluids and after one week I was recovered and went home. After that I hoped I could finally starting to enjoy being pregnant. Except I got a throwback and had to go to the hospital for the second time.
The doctors decided only and IV wasn't enough so they gave me a feeding tube, but it didn't help.
This went on and on for two more weeks, and then all of a sudden I started giving up some blood. The ambulance picked me up, and they rushed me to the ER, and after some research and a gastroscopy (hell, truly...) they found out all throwing up had caused a little wound inside my stomach and well, there I was again, back in hospital. The nurses were really lovely, and when I finally started to feel better I made some jokes with them. I finally thought I was cured from that darn nausea.
After a week I had a regular check-up at the gynecologist and she saw I wasn't doing good. She wanted to check me again and she concluded I was dehydrated AGAIN.

They were shocked I was still walking around. Anyway, back on the darn IV and feeding tube again. This time the feeding tube worked, and after one week I went home again, with my new best friend, feeding tube...
All this happened in about six weeks, and it really exhausted me. At home I finally started to sleep better and I tried to recover as much as I can. I still wasn't allowed to eat, only drink about half a liter of water a day. I did that until the end of September, 24/7.
Me and my best friend FEEDING TUBE

On my birthday, September 29th I started eating again, and I only used the feeding tube at nights. This went really good, and two weeks ago I got the best news I  had since finding out being pregnant.
THE FEEDING TUBE WAS REMOVED!!!  I can eat and drink myself again, without throwing up!

Luckily the baby never felt a thing about what happened to me, and he/she is doing sooooo good. The growth of the baby is perfect and my belly is getting pretty big!

I am feeling really good at the moment and I never thought I could say it BUT I LOOOVVVEEE BEING PREGNANT!
At this moment I am 27 weeks pregnant, so only 13 more weeks to go. I am really curious what the baby would look like, and whether it's a boy or a girl. We don't know that, and we don't want to know it, but still pretty curious!

Thanks everyone for being patient with me, and still being my follower!

Hugs, Sandra

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Marlene Atkinson zei

It is great to see that you are feeling better and growing in size, we have missed you at Robyn's Fetish, hope to see you soon. Marlene

Sue Nicholson zei

Hiya, pleased you are feeling better and all well with pregnancy. Hope to see you soon at Robyn Fetish before I leave end of November. All the best cheers Sue N x(DT sis)

jimlynn zei

So glad everything is going better for you now!

Michelle zei

I'm so glad that you are feeling better. What a traumatic thing you went through. Glad to see you back here.

Mihelle (DT SIS)

cass zei

You have had a time haven't you, good luck with bubs

Edwina zei

Sandra, I am so glad you are doing better. I was so worried about you. Take care of yourself and the baby to come. Edwina Brown

Denise@DigiHaven zei

So glad you are doing better. I've missed you. I'm so glad you're back with us. xoxo ♥ Denise