vrijdag 21 maart 2014

Crea-Sandra's Crafty Tutorial World - Tying bows and knots on your card

Hi everyone!

I got a lot of people asking how I tie my bows and knots on my cards, and I that's what I am going to show you today. 


a SHARP pair of scissors, I have a special pair of scissors I only use for ribbon and fabric
Images from Robyn's Fetish
Digital papers from Robyn's Fetish
Other card making supplies as wished

Note: I did not use the actual project to make the tutorial, because it was really hard to see. I decided to use a piece of kraft card stock and polka dotted ribbon. That way you can easily see the back side of the ribbon.

When I am using ribbons on my card, I always work with a separate card front. 
If you make your card on a separate front, you will always have a clean inside.

How to make a knot.

Cut a piece of ribbon that is about 3 times the width of your card front.

Wrap it around the card front.  Do not tape it down on the back.

Make a cross with the ends of the ribbon, but make sure you also twist the ends. On the ends you should see the back of your ribbon. 
As you can see,  the left end crosses over the right and goes down.   The right end crosses the left and goes up.

Put your pinky finger on the cross and bring the bottom end up.  Cross the upper part over it.

Flip the upper part,  that you crossed over,  underneath the bottom end.

Pull at both ends.  While pulling, remove your pinky finger.

Trim off the excess ribbon and your knot is finished.

Because your knot is tied around the card front,  you can still move it.  Move it in the direction you want, and once it's in place, you can add a piece of tape at the back of the card front.

How to make a bow.

Take a piece of ribbon that is about 4 times the width of your card front.

Wrap it around the card front, and again, do not tape it down on the back.

Make a cross again, with the twisted ends, just like when you are tying a knot.

Put your pinky finger on the cross again.  Take the bottom end of the ribbon and make a loop.

Bring down the upper end of the ribbon

Wrap it around the loop, and make the bow, just like tying your shoes.

Pull at both loops to tighten the bow.

The bow is finished, but not looking really nice at this moment. You can still adjust it without redoing the bow. Just pinch in the centre and pull gently at one end. You can continue doing this until you are satisfied with the bow.

Trim off the excess ends of the ribbon and your bow is finished.
You can see why I used ribbon with a print on it, so you can see the front on the back. When you are being very careful, you can twist the loops while adjusting the bow, so you can see the "good" side of the ribbon. When you are using regular ribbon, like the satin ribbon I used in my samples, you do not have to do that, because you don't see the difference.

Here are the finished cards I made.

That was it for today, I hope you like it. It requires some practicing, but once you get it, it's pretty easy!


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Desire Fourie zei

Just love your yummy cards and thanks for the tutorial.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Edwina zei

Great tutorial! I just read all of it. I thought I had missed it some how. Love your ribbons you used. Very pretty card. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown