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Coloring white with Copic Markers

Hi all!

Today I would like to show you how I color white with Copic Markers. When I am coloring with my Copics, and I want area's to be white, it looks weird when it's not colored. So I have been playing around, and trying different combinations, and this is what works best for me. Since I found these combinations, I am coloring more areas white. 
Note: I am not an expert in coloring, everything I show you is based on my own experience. 

Images by Robyn's Fetish. 
Copic Markers (The combinations I used are listed in the tutorial)

Other supplies
Papers and embellishments of your choice

I am going to show you four different shades of white, beginning with a yellowish shade.
Copic Markers: Y000, Y00, Y02, Y06

Start with your darkest marker, in this case Y06. Add a thin line on the area you want to be the darkest.

 Take your second darkest marker, Y02, and blend the Y06. This is the base of your shading. 

Bring in a little bit of Y00 to blend the Y02 to finish your shading. 

Blend out the Y00 with Y000, and color the rest of the flower petals. 

I used G43 and G46 to color the rest of the image, and this is the result. 

Here is the finished card.

Now I am going to show you how to color the cream on some delicious hot cocoa.
Copic Markers: E40, E41, E43 and E47

Start adding the darkest color E47 as a shade, in this case at the cup and on the top.

Lightly blend the E47 with the E43 marker 

Blend it even further with the E41 marker. Your shading is now finished. 

Finally, color in the rest of the cream with the E40 marker. Make sure you blend the E41 with the E40 first, otherwise you will get harsh lines. 

Color in the rest of the images as wished. The markers I used for the cup are C3, C5 and C7 and for the heart R24, R27 and R29 

This is the card I created with the colored image. 

Now I would like to show you how I color snowmen, with a cold grey tone.
Copics used: C00, C0, C2, C5

Start with the darkest marker, in this case C5. Add a thin line where your image should be the darkest, under his scarf, hat and in the pleats of his arm and leg. 

It should look like this 

Lightly blend your C5 with C2 

This is how it looks after blending with C2 

Bring in the C0 to blend your C2 even further. 

Finally blend your C0 with C00 and color the rest of the area.

Now you can color the rest of the image. I used C5 and C7 for his hat and R22, R24 and R27 for the scarf.

This is the finished card.

Now I want to show you how to color a warm white color, as well as blue-white clouds.
Copics used for the dress: W00, W0, W2 and W5

Start again with the darkest color, W5 to add some shades on the angel's dress. 

I used the pleats in her dress as a guide to find out where the darkest areas are. 

Add a bit of W2 to blend the W5. 

Blend the W2 with W0 to finish your shades.

Bring in your W00 to color the rest of the dress. 

For the top part of her dress I followed the same steps, but I forgot to photograph some steps so I can't show them to you. 

Onto the clouds. I used the following Copics to colot them: BG10, BG000, BG0000 These colors are really hard to see on the pictures, but I promise you they are there. I started with BG10 to mark the darkest areas.

Then I blended it with BG000 

Finally I brought in the BG0000 to blend the BG000 and color the rest of the cloud. 

In this picture you can see the cloud are colored, but in real life it's even easier to see. 

Color the rest of the image as wished. For the skin I used E31 and E21. Her hair is colored with E15 and E18 and her horn is colored with YR23 and YR27 

And last but not least the finished card. 

This was my tutorial, I hope you like it and you will give it a try. If you have any other color combinations you can recommend, please let me know!


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DesignerDiva zei

Hi Sandra great tutorial, it's really good to get different colour combinations for the light colouring, I love how you coloured the lily.
Great to be working along side you soon too.
Hugs Laurie xx

Desire Fourie zei

Oh wow thanks so much for these handy tips. Loving your card creations too.
{Would love you to visit my blog and join my 800 Follower Give-Away. Thank you so much, if you have already entered, and good luck.}
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